Steady Progress

In two short weeks a lot has happened.

First off, family, friends, and even a classmate from elementary school have generously donated $1,125 towards YCI for my trip. Incredible, right?! I feel very blessed to know such wonderful people! I have also started to approach local businesses for donations, and have found it to be a very humbling process.

Secondly, I found a doctor: Dr. Cheryl Mason. Yay! A close friend of mine skillfully helped to squeeze me in even though Dr. Mason is not accepting new patients. I’m getting a full work up (something that should have happened long ago), blood test and all, and am making progress towards being ready to travel. My mom has also kindly offered to go with me when I get all of my vaccines and we have an appointment booked for next week.

I have also booked my flight to Tanzania, flying with KLM. Another YAY! KLM is probably my favorite airline because of their really good food and multiple inflight services.

What’s next? Well, I’m focusing on writing a couple of lengthy research papers this week and then I have final exams in 2 weeks time. So I’ve got a lot to think about, but thankfully I have a lot of support around me!

That’s all for now… Here’s one of my favorite quotes to end off with:

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the worlds deep hunger meet.” – Frederick Buechner


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