Here’s lookin at you, kid

Less than 24 hours until I embark upon my 2 month YCI internship in Zanzibar, Tanzania. I’m feeling quite excited. I’m also being a bit of a procrastinator (ex. my pile of things to pack is still sitting on the floor waiting to actually be put inside my luggage) but that’s a whole other story.

Things I’m looking forward to on this trip:
– Meeting new people
– Having an experience that will challenge my whole view of life
– Learning new things in unexpected places
– Sharing my experiences with local youth
– The beautiful architecture of Stone Town
– The blue ocean and the salty ocean air
– The possibility of touring a spice plantation
– Meeting up with my best friend’s Aunt who owns a Scuba/Dive shop on Zanzibar
– Soaking up some sunshine
– Possibly encountering some of Africa’s incredible animals

Things I’m a bit wary of in my anticipation of this trip:
– Having my wallet stolen, again. *Note to self: pack a few extra ‘decoy’ wallets* just kidding…
– Having to tame my twice-as-voluminous hair as soon as I’m engulfed by the humidity
– Being questioned at the airport about the type of “work” I’ll be doing while in Amsterdam… (already happened to me once)… It’s not my fault that KLM (my favorite airline by the way) has it’s main hub in Amsterdam, and that I have a stop over there. It’s also not my fault that Amsterdam is known for some shady occupations. Just saying.
– Being whisked off on the back of a Wildebeest during its annual migration across the Serengeti *Simba, help me!*

So really, in reviewing both of the above lists, I’m much more excited than nervous about my whole trip. Especially taking into account that most of my “Things I’m a bit wary of…” entries are lessons learned from past trips and I’m really just being silly and poking fun at myself.

The next update from me shall be once I have landed in Tanzania.
*Gives you the queen’s slow, dramatized wave*

À bientôt Canada!



4 responses

  1. We’ll miss you smiling face & adventurous spirit here in the great white yonder (Canada). Best of luck, can’t wait to read more about your experiences!
    Much love

  2. Thank you for the update Sarah and I too am excited about your trip. Safe travels girl. God be with you and keep sight of your wallet! Perhaps photocopy duplicates of important documents such as passport might be good to have tucked away in your things. Bon voyage.

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