Island life, Wizards, and All Things Tolkein.

It is absolutely pouring down rain right now. I haven’t seen rain like this in years. I love it. It’s giving me goosebumps. I love rain. Especially rain like this – rain that will completely soak you in 10 seconds. It makes me want to find my sisters and run through the streets jumping and yelling in excitement. *smiles* they would do it with me.

Life is incredibly beautiful. It is. I mean, sure, there are hard times – there are times when we’d rather be poked in the eye with a sharp pencil then have to endure what we’re being asked to endure – but when you look past all of the garbage, the world that we live in is breathtaking.

So I’ve decided to jot down a few adventures, in no particular order, that I would love to experience some day…

1. Travel to Italy – eat cheese, stay in a villa, read, write, run through fields of flowers, and share stories with the incredible people that I would undoubtedly meet.
2. Find a Lord of The Rings fan club, join it, and participate in all sorts of fun – dress up in ornate yet hilarious costumes, have some sort of weaponry around at all times, possibly learn the Elvish language, sneak through forests with a purpose… *sigh* it would be SUCH FUN!
3. Join an Intelligence Agency – the CIA, CSIS, MI6 – I don’t care, any one would be AMAZING! To be paid to analyze people, to be paid to sneak around as an adult with a real mission, to get to wear costumes and legitimate disguises!! I would love it!
4. Pack a camera, notebook & pen, and a handful of clothes and venture off into the rural areas of the world to write about and photograph things that matter – people that matter.
5. Master scuba diving if it’s the last thing I do! *puts on determined face*
6. Work with the poor and the needy. Anywhere.
7. Live on an island for a couple of years.
8. Have a video game tournament with friends, be ridiculously lazy, laugh, and enjoy the simple things in life.
9. Venture off on an epic quest in search of dragons and wizards – real or imaginary.

The rain has stopped now. Time to get back to my last week in Zanzibar.


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