Jedi for a Day.

As soon as I read Jeff Goins’ words “a Jedi mind trick for writers,” I began to feel the excitement rising up inside of me. Heck yes, OF COURSE I want to be a Jedi for a day!!! Just give me a minute to put on my robe and grab my light saber. Ok – all set!

Hmm… Perhaps his next sentence was just as important: “You see, until we trick ourselves into becoming who we are, we’re a sham.” That’s just it, isn’t it? We are all on our way to becoming who we are, and sometimes we just need a bit of embellishment.

When I was a young girl, I hated sharing. I wanted to be the only one who got to eat the handful of candy from the neighbors. I wanted to go to the zoo alone with my mom and dad so that I didn’t have to share them. I wanted to be special and extraordinary and not have to share that with my three siblings.

As I grew up, a remarkable thing happened. I learned to love sharing in a completely new way. Instead of viewing the act of sharing as giving up half of something, I began to see sharing as the act of letting others in to walk through life with me. I began to share stories, to share moments, to share sadness and laughter.

Now I’ve come to this place where I often over-share. Just the other day, for example, I was telling a complete stranger about the time that I had a bladder infection. And look, there I go again. I’m re-sharing it with you. But you know what? While, yes, I do tend to embarrass myself when I don’t filter what comes out of my mouth, I don’t want to ever change my love of sharing. I don’t want to censor myself.

Jeff Goins writes a compelling article discussing what we were made for – and he’s right – I’ve heard those five powerful words for years now. Every now and then, when I’ve achieved great things or when I’m slumped on the floor in an unhappy state, I hear five powerful words whispered to me quietly: “You were made for more.” Each time I hear them I am filled with determination and a growing fire, and yet, even though I know I was made for more, I haven’t quite figured out what it is, in fact, that I was made for.

So, while I embark upon the adventures in this life and continue to figure out what I was made for, I’ll tell you this: I was made to share with others. I was made to write.


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