Don’t Do it Unless Something Leaps Inside of you

I wonder what the world would look like if we all lived up to our true potential. If we stopped putting ourselves down, stopped acting certain ways to be liked, stopped changing who we are for those around us.

In my head, I’m imagining all of my best friends as a combination of rockstar/superhero’s – everyone loves wearing costumes, right? I’m imagining that truth would be an easy thing – that we would be honest with ourselves and with others.

I encountered someone recently who’s memory I can’t quite shake. There was something there, in the quiet soulful looks. Something in their acceptance of care and of comfort. It was as if I saw someone who hadn’t yet seen themself.

My heart ache’s with “if only’s” now. If only they knew what they could be. If only they could see what I see. If only… If only their eyes weren’t soulfully pleading with me in my memory.

People will see you the way they want to see you, but you’re more talented then you give yourself credit for. You’re kinder than you think, and stronger than you feel, and more caring than you’d ever admit. So don’t cover it up. Don’t hide yourself or dumb yourself down. Don’t buy in to the pressures of society.

Don’t even listen to the ramblings of some girl on the internet, unless it leaves you feeling fulfilled. Don’t do it unless something leaps inside of you.

I used to be that girl that silently allowed the world to change me. Now I’m all about the leaping. And the costumes.
And now I’m imagining myself in a frog costume… bouncing up and down like a nutter, not caring one bit.


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  1. You inspire me Sarah. As a female we seem to take on the role of ‘giver and carer’. Often ‘WE’ get lost in that role. It is time we stepped outside that role and did something just for ‘US’. I enjoy your writing Sarah, keep it going.

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