Try it. It’s Addicting.

It’s like taking a deep breath – one that causes your chest to rise and fall dramatically, leaving your entire body on a dizzying rollercoaster ride.

It’s like being paralyzed in thought – eyes wide in awe, mouth cracked like an old floor board, breathing non-existent.

It’s like opening the cage around your heart to let in the sun – freedom washing over you in soft waves.

Humbling yourself is a beautiful thing. It’s something that most of us don’t often do. It feels a bit uncomfortable – to admit we’re wrong, to surrender, to let go.

Life is difficult – You’re right. It’s not easy. And because it’s not easy, because life can be devastating and heartbreaking, we try to protect ourselves. We put walls up. We secure ourselves in our blanket fort, stabilizing our surroundings as much as we can.

The problem is though, that we forget to take down the walls we’ve put up. We get so used to living half-lives, full of insincerity and mediocrity, that it begins to feel comfortable after a while. And humbling ourselves begins to feel uncomfortable and unusual.

It’s when we begin to take down our walls that we begin to see the light.

Everyone has a friend who they haven’t been in touch with for some time – a friend who saw the walls go up at the end. And we all have moments where we choose the wrong thing, and are unwilling to admit that we know it’s wrong. That’s life. You’re not alone. We all do it.

The beauty is that we can go back. We can humble ourselves. It may feel strange going back, but once you’ve done it, the cage around your heart will be opened to the sun. You’ll feel fantastic. It’s freedom, baby. Freedom feels fantastic.

Here’s to humbling ourselves. Try it. It’s addicting. 


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