A Road Trip to Botswana

Sitting there, having just stuffed a very messy and delicious burger into my mouth, I found myself asking him the old “what are you thinking now?”

Reflecting on it, I feel a bit silly, but it further reminds me of how curious I am about everything around me. That, and the fact that he has this way of turning all types of subject matter into engaging conversation. So in hindsight, it’s almost his fault for being so interesting. It’s almost as if he forced me to ask the annoying “what are you thinking now” question. Yes. We’ll go with that version.

He reminds me of a quote that I heard a few weeks back at the Vancouver Writers Festival: “Stories happen to people who know how to tell them.” I think it’s safe to say that he has more than a few great stories to tell.

As we walked to the car, the wind tugging mercilessly at the wilted curls in my hair, I felt content and full.

The drive was altogether very quick, which told me two things: One, he drove like me and not like a pansy. And two, a longer drive was in order at some point, possibly to Botswana. Yes. That’d be nice. A road trip to Botswana.


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