Call me a Culture Addict

Gold and color
embraced each other like old friends,
content and confident. 

“We’re glad you’ve come”
they said to me. 

Bangles danced on wrists
and ornate fabrics draped themselves
over bodies filled with anticipation and oxygen. 

I looked around, 
white girl in a room full of color,
and I felt at home. 

At home in the Middle East
with the sand in the streets
and blackened corn on the grill
of the corner store
selling fanta and halva
and pink pickled onions. 

Childhood memories that won’t fade,
a heart pre-programmed to love,
an imagination always ready for adventure,
for travel. That’s me. 

Today I went to India and Africa. 

Engulfed in the warmth of a dear friend’s home, 
soaking up the culture that swirled around me,
marvelling at the speed with which
the sweet girl was colouring my skin with henna,
smiling at the proud stance of the groom’s father,
gazing wondrously at the table piled
high with samosas and sweets.

These two should get married every weekend 
I thought to myself while giggling.

Heart full. 
Head quiet. 
Smile plastered.

Thank you Tina and Kupa 
for inviting me into your fantastically coloured world.


3 responses

  1. Your poetry is beautiful. I love checking your postings to see what insights I can glean. Could you please consider publishing a collection when you have about 100 poems?
    Blurb has a great program and I’d pay full price+!!
    Much love, wishing you a Merry Christmas!

    • Aww Becks! I would LOVE to publish something someday. And in terms of this “poetry” thing that I’ve been trying out, I’m glad that you like it (glad is an understatement). Love you, you beautiful bright eyed sass monkey! *winks at you*

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