Bouncy Castles and Road Maps: Failing and Being Enough

When I was a girl, I hardly stopped. Running, climbing, hiding, jumping, chasing, lunging, and flying (well, sort of). I was always moving. And I liked it. I liked moving. I liked climbing and jumping.

If you had asked me then, whether I thought I was “enough,” I would have tilted my head and given you a perplexed look. “Enough? Yeah. I’m enough,” I would have said, as if it wasn’t a big deal.

I would have expected you to say the same. I would have thought that everyone would know that they are enough. That judgements from others don’t matter. That character and moral fiber win out. That truth wins out. I mean, why not?

Now, with pages full of enough challenging moments to write a memoir with, I WISH that it was that easy – to see myself as enough.

Life gets harder. You learn to juggle. Life gets messy. You learn to cope. Life gets tiring. You learn to make sacrifices.

And in that process that is life, I think we begin to feel inadequate.

We fail at things. Let people down. Forget to call. Get the wrong brand of tooth paste. Sleep late and miss deadlines. It happens.

It happens, *drum roll,* because we’re human – a reality which, at times, I think we forget.

So here’s my new plan – my road map to believing that I am enough:

Number 1. Accept that I fail.

Number 2. Stop thinking of “fail” as a bad word.

Number 3. Tell myself that I do a lot. That I AM enough.

Number 4. Say it again – E.n.o.u.g.h.

Number 5. Continue to say it until I believe it 100%.

Number 6. Re-approach the idea of flying as an adult.

Number  7. Find a kick-ass costume, rent a giant trampoline or bouncy castle, and practice failing, while living out being enough.


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